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Published on February 24th, 2012 | by Matthew Gammond


Making The Case For Star Wars: Battlefront III

I’ll let you into a little secret; I’m probably one of the most inexperienced gamers that you’ll ever come across. For years, I’ve listened to my friends blow the celebratory horn in honour of the Nintendo64, Playstation and all manner of aged consoles. I just sat back, knowing full well that I couldn’t offer my two cents because, and this may hurt you inside, my first console was an original Xbox.

I never played on all of those classic consoles; I never played all of those classic games that people say are far better than today’s crop. Perhaps this is unfortunate, perhaps not, but what it means is that my list of played games is a lot shorter than anyone else’s.

I grew up with the games that have been released since 2003 (which is when I got my Xbox) and because of this my favourite games are ones that my dad has never heard of. I’m a gamer with knowledge in the present rather than the past.

This is why 2005’s Star Wars: Battlefront II is my second favourite game of all time. It probably doesn’t make many people’s top tens but it was the game of my gaming infancy; the game I played constantly, the game I enjoyed even without an Xbox Live connection, the game which I have more memories associated with then almost any other. It was the business.

This is partly down to my love of the Star Wars universe and partly down to its glorious simplicity. It was bread and butter gameplay at its finest; run, gun, capture, win. Marry the setting and the gameplay and, to me, you have a near-unbeatable combination.

I could sit here and waffle on about how many days of my life I gave up to this game, but I’ll quickly move on to the point of the article: Where the hell is the third game?!

Star Wars fans have been chomping at the bit for years in anticipation of the third game in the numbered series. Its predecessor seems so old now, a sequel should surely be on the way? Well, it was, then it wasn’t, then it was again and then…in fact, who knows? If ever there was a definition of development hell, this is it.

One thing is definite though; the game did exist, in one form or another, for a few years. It was real! Which makes it so much more frustrating that at this moment in time, it seems as though gamers are chasing shadows.

We’ve had leaks of gameplay and character models, but it seems as though that is all we’re ever going to get. It’s a shame because the gameplay video made the game look unbelievable; larger scale battles, more diverse gameplay, incredibly detailed cutscenes – God, it looked amazing and had me and fellow Media Blasphemy editors drooling like Skywalker-deprived Wampas.

For a cheeky look at said video, click here.

That short(ish) video showed us what was possible; it showed the extreme new highs that the series had reached on the new generation of consoles. And it’s clear that a lot of people have taken notice; the video(s) on YouTube have garnered millions of views between them, any scraps of news are eaten up by a horde of excited gamers. This is definitely a game that people want, that is perfectly clear.


So why is it proving so hard to get into production? The audience is there, it’s bound to make a fair bit of money and if that doesn’t entice developers/publishers then nothing will.

Think of the potential; imagine bringing that universe and that gameplay into this generation. The things that could be achieved with today’s technology boggle the mind. That gameplay video promised battles on a larger scale than the series has seen before, with ground-to-space conflicts being a particular highlight. We could revisit our favourite Star Wars moments with a gleaming level of detail and perhaps even visit some that we haven’t seen before – just so long as I don’t have to watch the ‘sand scene’ from Attack of the Clones.

A graphical update would be guaranteed and I’m sure a brilliantly functional online service will be provided, no doubt including large player counts with huge maps to play on – now who wouldn’t want that?

I’d also like to see a fresh campaign (and from the looks of the gameplay video, we were going to get one) introducing new stories, characters and places. One idea I did have was to have one enormous storyline, beginning before the films, continuing through them and progressing afterwards. Whether that’s feasible is another question, but one can dream eh?

I know that I sound like I’m rambling but I’m just excited at the potential of this game. There’s a huge universe to explore and there’s plenty of people who want to saddle up and visit every corner of it. It’d be a nice change of pace from Call of Duty, something a little different and for once; it’d be a game that people really want, rather than one that they think they want.

I want this game more than anything; with something so simple, it would be near-impossible to ruin. I’m just putting it out there, but if it did come out I think it has a serious chance of being one of the finest games… ever.

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Matthew Gammond

watches far too many films for his own good but that's not going to stop him. If he's not jacked into his DVD player he's usually saving the world with Master Chief or praying to his guilded statue of Ridley Scott.

4 Responses to Making The Case For Star Wars: Battlefront III

  1. My first ever foray into online (console) gaming, and I loved it! One of my favourite games (BF1) and I’d love a sequel to be properly announced, instead of teased.

  2. mitch says:

    I agree with everything you said here. Any attention that can be brought to developers, as to how much we gamers want this game is great! Honestly if this game was priced at 150 I would still buy it.

  3. Darth LeBeau says:

    Battlefront Elite Squadron was intended to be Battlefront 3. Check the link, scroll down to yellow text for English version.


  4. gazhibs says:

    I concur. this game would be the biz, especially with todays graphics etc, we’ve seen maps as big as battlefields and graphics as good something with really good graphics. so i think to marry them with the pure awesome simplicity of the first 2 games would make a game i certainly wouldnt put down. ever. still havent put down II yet, and i even bought the xbox original version when i went from PS to XBOX. Bring it on i say.

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