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Published on January 11th, 2013 | by Ian Pemberton


Conduit – Review

This is a review by guest contributor Ian Pemberton.

The Funeral for a Friend revival comes full circle on sixth album Conduit. Following the Welsh quintet’s 2011 release, Welcome Home Armageddon, I was a bit skeptical about the band’s future. I felt that after making what many judged to be their best album since their much lauded and prestigious debut, surely anything else following it would be a disappointment in comparison? How wrong I was.

Conduit builds on the strong foundations set by their previous two albums, continuing the band’s upward trajectory following a creative slump in the late 00′s that saw them leave their record label. Probably the best move they have ever made. Moving from alternative rock back to their hardcore punk roots, the album has more in common with the crunch of their EPs Between, Order and Model and Four Ways to Scream Your Name than any other release in their catalogue. The result is 11 tracks that bludgeon the senses and a band that have never been more comfortable in their own skin. With a new drummer at the helm in the shape of former Rise To Remain sticksman Pat Lundy, this the sound of a band at their creative peak.

Without hopefully sounding too cliché, there can be no argument that this is the band’s heaviest album to date. It’s also their shortest, clocking in at just under thirty minutes and with most of the songs being less than three minutes long. This isn’t a bad thing. Songs such as ‘Grey’, ‘Travelled’ and the title track pack more fury and passion into two minutes than some bands could achieve in five, the latter ending in a crushing metallic breakdown and gang shouts.

The album remains firmly in fifth gear throughout its duration with a cannonball momentum. This is most thrilling when the band busts out gargantuan choruses on the double whammy of ‘Nails’ and ‘Death Comes To Us All’, songs in which singer Matt Davies sounds like he’s punctured his soul . It’s moments of emotion such as this which sets Funeral for a Friend apart from their peers.

Conduit is out January 28th on Distiller Records

For fans of: Finch, Fightstar, Snapcase

Listen to: Conduit, Death Comes To Us All, Nails

Conduit – Review Ian Pemberton

Summary: Conduit may not trouble the charts or get significant radio airplay, but with this release Funeral for a Friend show why they are and will continue to be the jewel in the crown of the UK hardcore scene. Now excuse me while I get some tissues before my keyboard gets sticky.



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  1. Matt says:

    So pumped for this album! Delighted to hear what you said about it. Confirms what I hoped and thought :)

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