Final Video Game Post

Ok I’m seeing some people say that the ending is fine and have to wonder if they actually played the game or just saw the videos online.*SPOLIERS* If you have played the game then you’ll know that the catalyst says that all organics will eventually create synthetics that will destroy them, not once did Shephard mention the fact that he bought peace between the Geth and the Quarian’s (In my playthough atleast). This is one of many reasons why your actions have no importance or relevance to the final outcome of the game. It’s a shame because up until the last 15 minutes of the game, this trilogy had some of the best writing in gaming.

I not entirely unhappy with the endings. They do what they’re meant to do: bring an end to the series. I’m unhappy with not having the feeling that I just finished an epic series. The first two are exciting and diverse enough to make players want to play again and again. This one left me thinking I only wanted to play once. It reminded me of reading a great book that takes days to read only to have the ending rushed without closure for any characters. I think one of the options should be for shep to be alive and finally get the solace s/he deserves with the LI or something. Have Normandy stranded on Earth since there are at least two ways to NOT have the end all be all to the protagonist.

It just sucks that many of the choices don’t tie in to the ending very well. I’m very disappointed. Had I known, I wouldn’t have bought the CE. My Shep lived so I am okay with that. It is everything else about the ending and don’t get me started about the plot holes. The worse part is that the Normandy and her crew are screwed no matter. You don’t see the outcome of your choices. The universe is screwed because of the whole relay situation and having dead crew mates or crew left on Earth magically appear on the Normandy, really? It was rushed and just look at some of their comments about Thane and what forgot to do. And the photoshop crap. Lazy and rushed especially since they had more endings and dialogue for the final act that were amazing. I love the game except like the last couple of mins. Bioware/ME team said many things that conflict with the actual endings. They aren’t the saints. 

Bioware has a cash cow on their hands. Mass Effect is an amazingly immersive and beautiful enviornment that completely envolopes the gamer, having them begging for more. I personally have played through all of this trilology. I as well as many other gamers, have come to devolpe almost a realistic bond with these characters, simply because you spend so much time with them over the period of YEARS. Most gamers would be willing to admit, if another Mass Effect game came out they would buy it and every bit of DLC that followed it. WHY? Simply because the game has such an immersive story and enviorment that you want to continue exploring and interacting with the people, the scenery, and everything that this galaxy has to offer. Bioware and EA have fallen short of reaching the awe factor with 3. Why would in the world would you want to end something that would be played for such a long time. Look at CoD, it is known for its Multiplayer, which is relativley the same EVERYTIME, but with new guns and locale.

This could just as easily be done with Mass Effect in the story sense. So my question is again, even with it originally being designed for a trilogy, WHY WOULD YOU END SUCH AN AMAZING GAME STORY THAT COULD MAKE YOUR COMPANY SO MUCH MORE???? I would continue playing these games in the go get me this missions, simply begause of the amazingly created characters and enviornment. EA and Bioware should really reconsider the ending of ME3 and continue their story, because we dont want tit to end, dont you want to keep getting our money????? Just look at Halo they realised this fact to and now Halo fans will keep getting what they want and the company keeps getting paid. Lets just hope they sort out their legal mess first…

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