I have played the series since the beginning, ME 1, ME 2, and was looking forward to ME 3. After the endings of the first two titles I felt a feeling of accomplishment for finishing the game. I didn’t feel that way with ME 3, I had such an incredible experience getting to the end to be rewarded with an ending that saddened me in a very negative way. I feel ripped off. I paid a lot of money for the collector’s edition thinking I would be replaying it again and again. instead I have no desire to play through the game at all. The game is broken and they need to fix it with free DLC.  Free? Idk, I can’t imagine Bioware/EA paying actors/writers to make a DLC and just give it away. I’d be willing to pay for a better ending/DLC, wouldn’t you?

That’s the whole point, and it’s absolutely deplorable: They can now put out an ending DLC and be assured, apparently, that around 87% of the people that bought the game would give in, pay their 10 or 15 dollars, and buy it. Considering they have sold 3.5 million copies in the first week, assuming a price of, say, $10, and 87% of the people behind those copies would pay, they now potentially have an extra $30,450,000 of extra troll money kicking around. Explains the bad ending.

The game is sweet but the endings need a fix my idea

Choice 1: Reapers Die, Sheperd dies(If you didnt make the right decisions in ME1 and ME2)=Paragon Ending

Choice 2: Take control of the Reapers BUT! you get a choice Pull them back into dark space or Continue Killing all life= Major Renegade ending

any other ideas would be great please reply to tell how you think these are simple and express what you think by all means go online for your gaming company

I played ME 1 and ME 2 and I don’t think there will ever come a series that I ever felt so invested in… I haven’t gotten through ME 3 which to the point I am at I feel is an amazing experience I felt as if I was marching, marching full along with my grew, having tried to make peace in a galaxy that sorely needed it,to victory. I read the books, loved it… LOVED this series.. I watched my husband beat the game, both of us doing everything we could (only later did we find out you HAD to play multiplayer to get anything that’s not lousy but still kinda lousy, even when the FAQ on Bioware’s Mass Effect 3 site said you didn’t have to) and I felt as if I’d been slapped in the face, I felt as if I had failed miserably one ending you’re a jackass to the geth and the quarians who are getting help from the geth,and take EDI away from Joker the other you’re playing with fire, the other you’re taking away the free will of every person in the galaxy, destroying the mass relays and just being a jerk, even Shepherd said to the whatever the hell it was that people would prefer their own bodies..Furthermore It doesn’t feel like even playing the first two games meant anything at all in the scope of things… like I said I haven’t finished but I really have no desire to anymore… watching the way it all played out is depressing…

That is a problem though, why should we have to shell out even more money to make the game worth it. If you are a game producer and you make a series that is loved by so many people, and you make an ending that has a massive amount of those people upset, then you should be checking your work and rethinking it otherwise that is lost revenue later on. A game company cannot exist without the people who buy the games. Piss off the people who buy your games, and you doom yourself. I spent $80 on a collector’s edition thinking it was going to be the greatest game ever, and now you are saying that I have to spend even more money to make it enjoyable enough for me to play through it more than once with all the Sheps I made from ME1 and ME2? That is a poor way to treat your customers.

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