Nearly 14,000 Mass Effect 3 Fans Want An Altered Ending


A campaign has been started by Mass Effect 3 fans in an effort to persuade developer Bioware into changing the ending of the game.

The group of fans have taken to social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook and have even launched an online petition. They are asking that Bioware either update the game or add some DLC which will change the conclusion to the critically-acclaimed trilogy.

There’s a forum post on Bioware’s message boards which is asking users to vote on whether or not they want a new ending to be implemented. The post has garnered 16,000 votes, 87% of which were in favour of changing the ending. Should Bioware listen to their fans? Or do you like the ending the way it is? Let us know in the comments.

hahah that’s a good one….. Bioware listening to their customers! rofl! I think I better go get some flying pig insurance on my house if this becomes a reality. The ending is complete shit, no matter what you do. And they already have their sales and the DLC sales they’re set. they couldn’t give 2 sh*** less @ this point. Actually Bioware claimed that most of the changes made in the Mass Effect games came from Fan Feedback and that the development stage of Mass Effect 3 wouldn’t start until they got feedback from Mass effect 2.

Yeah? Bioware also claims that the day one “From Ashes” DLC was icing on the cake, even though its on the disk. Bioware lies. its not bioware…
u should blame EA for all this. JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS MEIN CAPITAN! If the DLC was on the disk it wouldn’t have been a 600 MB download. Nice work. There’s already video proof that the DLC is on the disc, do your research before making yourself look stupid. Anthony is correct. The character model and skin is on the disc. The animations are the same as other characters already in the game. As far as I know what you downloaded and otherwise wouldn’t have is the quest to get the squad member as well as all of the cut scenes and dialog involving him.

I don’t understand why people bitchin’ about the ending… it brought the purpose of the reapers, the mastermind behind them and the final fight together in a genious way. I chose the synergy, bringing the cycle to an end but also intertwining Order & Chaos. What, you fought reapers but didn’t ever expect to die? Bitch please. Remember when the reapers kept repeating that “we have a cause you simply cannot comprehend”? They probably were right. It seems there are 16,000 people who did not apparently comprehend.

Get some wings bro.

I don’t think you grasp why people are angry. It’s not because you die, it’s because it fails to deliver the feeling of accomplishment. One ending kills the reapers and the Geth that you have fought so hard to finally unite after years of war and possible extinction of both races. All endings destroy the Mass relays and none show you a galaxy of peace to imply that you actually made a difference. In fact, your crew are left stranded on some random planet by the looks of it.

The problem with the ending is that no matter what decisions you make throghout THE WHOLE TRILOGY, you always get the same three endings. In addition, the choices that you make THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE TRILOGY have no link to these ending. If my choices where in some way connected to this then I would accept it but this is just plain lazy. I’ll explain further for you. Remember the choices you made in ME1 like who should die (council or crewmate), those decisions had consequences in ME2. In ME2 if you did the loyalty missions and upgrade the ship (or not) that would effect the outcome of the game. In this one you can literally breeze by and do nothing but still get the same 3 endings. THAT IS WHAT IS THE PROBLEM!

Im raging so hard. ME triggers me.

The problem is that the story is incomplete. They didn’t offer any closure. They don’t tell you what happened to your crew, either current or former. They don’t give you the slightest bit of information. They might as well have just faded to black after the mass relays exploded. They gave us NOTHING. All of the loose ends they promised tie up were left untied. I felt cheated. Another thing – did you even understand the premise of the game, it’s main selling point? It was CHOICE. Our choices influence the story. If you sell your product based on a certain premise and you ignore that premise you are selling a lie.

Well I’m bitchin’ because the endings was terrible with a capital “T”. Nothing you did over the course of the previous games mattered, in fact, nothing you did during the game mattered we all got the same ending no matter how much military strength you had. Dying wasn’t the issue I could handle my Shepard dying for the cause, but all the choices I have made up to this point… the ending didn’t reflect my choices. This was just laziness pure and simple and if I’m going to shell out $80 and expect to die in every play through no matter my choices I have made or how much I worked for the war assets it better be the best damn ending in the history of endings. That is why I’m bitching because frankly those endings seem like they were an after thought rather than what the game should have been shaped around. So really, try and comprehend the other sides argument before you start whining about our whining