You do not need to play multiplayer to beat this game completely. Multiplayer simply increases galactic readiness which works as a multiplier on your war assets. If you’ve never touched mplayer, it’ll stay at 50%, but you will still be able to acquire enough to fill the bar completely and max it out. If you do choose to play multiplayer, you’ll increase the galactic readiness percentage. This in turn will multiply your war assets in the single player campaign and mean you won’t need to complete all side missions or scan for artifacts in order to have full war assets.

Personally i loved the endings in ME3, i wont mention them incase anyone is yet to finish, but they fit the series perfectly. ME has been such a great series because of the realism built into both the story and the universe, and this is what the endings contai, realism.

There is no perfect world or ideal solution, your options are limited, because you cant just wave a magic wand and make evrything ok again. Do you choose to control, destroy or create, those are your otions, and by making each of them affect your compains to give the choice impact and make you think about the ramifications. Personally i would have liked a bit more options as to what to do after each choice, say based on paragon/renagade score affect what you do after. But overal they made me think, i didnt just sit there and go, well im playing the good guy so ill do this, i was left thinking what is the right choice here? There isnt one perfect solution, you just have to decide what is right for yourself and make the best of it.

Go big or go home, start a company. It was gritty, meaningful and had impact, everything i want in an ending. And as to the mass relys everyone keeps mentiom=ning, they were a part of the pattern, ensuring that future sepecies developed down the path the reapers wanted. There destruction frees the races to build their own tech. It comes down to contol, why build your own starship when ones sitting right there. Just use it, but by doing that you create nothing new, and ensure when the reapers return they will be more advanced that the galaxy.

I wish to disagree. This series suggests your decisions made across the entire trilogy have an impact on everything you do…except the finale. It doesn’t matter how you play your Shepard, you still reach the same finale and the same result as every other Shepard. Your decisions are therefore rendered entirely irrelevant.

The ending also does little to represent the universe, as it completely destroys it. Mass Effect is mass relays. Without this, the entire universe does not exist. Furthermore, it remains to be seen whether or not the explosions caused by the mass relays were similar to the Alpha Relay one. Discussion in ongoing, but there’s a high probability that the entire universe isn’t just figuratively destroyed, but literally.

You’ve outlined the choices, but you haven’t recognized that the outcome is the same except for one choice, but the impact isn’t shown. I posit this question to you. Now that the Quarians, Turians, a vast majority of the male Krogan, perhaps Geth, and associated fleets of Solarians and Asari are right outside Earth, exactly how are they to get home?

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