How To Apply For Membership On จีคลับ

Interested in becoming a member of the largest online slot gaming community จีคลับ? Here are the conditions on how you can become one.

  • You need to be at least 18 years or above to enter the site.
  • The money transfer can only be done with the account number that you applied while getting the membership on จีคลับ. You need to have proof like a slip every time you transfer money. You need to show it to the staff.
  • Members need to show utmost care while playing the games. Betting is considered risky if you lose control or play irrationally. Also, the members are advised to use their own money and not anyone else’s.
  • The site follows strict confidentiality for all its clients. Therefore, the information is safe with them.
  • The policy of จีคลับ clearly states that they do not accept fraudulent behavior at any cost. So, if the members indulge in any fraudulent activity their membership will be discontinued immediately. The staff will decide on the penalty and future action.

What will happen if you deposit the money with some other account number? In this case, the team will hold your money for at least 7 days and verify the account. If they find any uncertainty your money will be blocked. Otherwise, they will return the money to the same account from which the transfer was done.

The site is located in Cambodia and they have strong professionalism. If any member has any query with them they can share it with the staff and they will try their best to solve it. So, you can be confident in your choice if you are going to associate with them.


You will find four different game camps on this site. They are- Gclub, Super slot, PG, and Slotxo. All these are very famous in the gaming community. Apart from these many other camps are conducted and people can participate in them. The best way to apply for their membership is online. No minimum amount is needed to be deposited. Deposit what you want and when you want and wait for the effect to take place. Make the most of the promotions available on different camps as well. The best part is that you can decide which promotion you want to take and the bonus associated with that particular promotion will be credited instantly to your gaming Id.

Summing up

Gambling can be risky if you are in the wrong hands. Mostly the mediators and agents take a lot of your money and mislead you about many things. No one can guarantee that you will win the bet. It is just pure luck and some effort. It is best to go with จีคลับ as they can assure you and provide you the confidence that you need about the safety. Moreover, your information will be kept safe from all the third parties that try to steal it. Do try this club and make some real cash.


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