Choosing The Best Vape Juice For Your Vaping Device


When you choose to vape to try and help you stop smoking cigarettes, the more pleasurable you can make the experience, the more chance you have of sticking with it. There are many ways to enhance your vaping experience by selecting the best vape juice for you and ensuring it is strong enough and has a flavour you like. Whether you are new to vaping or you are struggling to stick with it to control your urges, you will find some advice below you can use to help enhance your vaping and increase its effectiveness to help you quit smoking for good.

Choosing The Correct Nicotine Strength For You

You must ensure you select a vape juice with a suitable nicotine strength for you to ensure it is something you can stick to doing. If you do not have enough nicotine in your delicious e liquid from Vapoholic, you are going to struggle to control your urges and may slip back into smoking again. However, if the nicotine strength is too strong, you can find that it makes you feel sick and nauseous and can also make you feel dizzy. If the vape juice has that effect on you, you will not find it a pleasurable experience, and you will struggle to use your vaping device without having a craving for a cigarette.

Choose A Flavoursome Vape Juice

You will also want to ensure that you choose flavours for your e-liquids that you enjoy and are packed full of taste. You can choose from many flavours, including some that may seem a bit strange to you. Some people have made e-liquids with the flavour of garlic, tuna, butter, and black pepper, which may not seem appealing to you but shows the vast array of choices you have available. You can select your vape juice from some of the flavour profiles below, which are readily available in many places:

  • Dessert Flavours
  • Tobacco Flavours
  • Menthol Flavours
  • Drinks Flavours
  • Food Flavours
  • Fruit Flavours

Once you have selected the vape juice flavours you prefer and have stocked up on them, you will also need to store them correctly, which can help enhance your vaping experience.

Storing Your E-Liquids Correctly

Your e-liquids can last for a considerable amount of time, but only if you store them correctly. You will want to keep your e-liquids away from direct sunlight, as heat and the sun’s ultraviolet rays can start breaking down the liquid and affect its taste. You will want to keep them in a cool and dark place such as a cupboard or a drawer which will prolong their shelf life and keep them tasting great. You will also want to give them a vigorous shake before using the e-liquids to ensure they are thoroughly mixed and taste delicious. If you use the 10ml bottles of vape juice, once you think the bottle is empty, turn it upside down and leave it for ten minutes or so, and when you go back to it, you will see there is more liquid in there.

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