Features to improve user retention in web apps


The following features are necessary to include in your web apps created by a web app development agency in Singapore to ensure improved customer retention.

Chat system

As it is important to keep in contact with your customers and to clear their doubts spontaneously, you should consider introducing a live chat facility on the web app. No one would have time to mail you about their queries and wait for the response from your end. Only if the web app has a live chat facility with spontaneous responses, the retention rate will increase.

Web push notifications

People have so much to look at on their mobiles. So, your web app can go unnoticed at times. To keep in constant touch with your users, you should enable the push notification feature of the web apps. This feature will let you send notifications to your users even if they are not using the browser or your website at that moment. It will increase engagement in your web app.


You should ensure that none of the information about your users will get misused or will get leaked due to transparency issues on the web app along with private login facilities.

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