How can you make stunning terrariums?



Terrariums are simply natural ecosystems and miniature gardens. They make good use of containers instead of land. They are a perfect idea for those people who love natural décor and for those people who appreciate nature. Even without space, you can still have a terrarium lightening up your home with beauty. They are a good indoor décor and an outdoor décor as well. Many people prefer to house them indoors and they are normally placed in transparent glasses. You can choose to have a closed terrarium or choose to have an open terrarium. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages but you should make sure that you are settling for something that will suit your needs and décor goals. There are many ways through which you can make stunning terrariums. Here is how to do it

Choosing the best glass container

The best and first way to make your terrarium is by choosing a suitable glass container. If you are going to purchase a new glass jar, you should make sure that they do not have stickers and even tags. After your purchase, you should clean the container very well just to make sure that there are no contaminants that will affect your terrarium plants. To come up with interesting décor, you should try to imagine how the décor will come out. It is through imagination that you will come up with a suitable décor for your home at terrarium workshop Singapore.

Make your bottom layer

For this layer, you will be needing rocks or pebbles. They are very important because they will act as the drainage system. You should make sure that this layer is thick.

Activator charcoal

The next important step is making sure that you have placed some activation charcoal inside. You can then put potting soil and plant your terrarium. Experts will take you through these steps at terrarium workshops Singapore.

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