Lotto-49 Etiquette: What You Should and Shouldn’t Do

As you are no doubt aware, Lotto-49 is a game that requires skill and strategy to win. The following article will teach you the etiquette of playing lotto-49 so that your fellow players don’t think you’re rude or inconsiderate. We’ll start with some general tips and then move on to specific manners for when the numbers are drawn.

Some tips and etiquettes you should follow while playing Lotto-49:

  1. When selecting your numbers, try not to draw attention to the board. It can be frustrating if someone is continually drawing lines and marking off boxes that are already drawn or marked for them by their friend. And it’s distracting too!
  1. If you’re playing with a group of people who want to collaborate on what they’ll play together to increase their chances of winning, markdown some options beforehand.
  1. Don’t throw pencils across the room or slam doors between turns. No one wants a sore neck or to get hit by a flying object.
  1. Always play with good sportsmanship and never complain about the other players or if you don’t win. This is supposed to be fun, not tense! If someone in your group says something inappropriate, politely tell them that what they said was hurtful and ask them to apologize – then wish everyone luck again so we can move on with our game!
  1. Avoid talking loudly unless it’s over the phone because this distracts everyone who isn’t part of the conversation too. And even when using a cell phone, turn down the volume as much as possible so people nearby will enjoy their conversations more than yours.

Let us know how these etiquettes work out for you at home or not! is a great site to play any lottery games!


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