Sports forecasts and news from Scores24 is a sports platform that daily informs users about the outcomes of meetings in various sports disciplines, the schedule of upcoming confrontations, predictions for sports events, odds, and statistics about individual athletes and teams. All users have open access to all the latest information from the world of sports.

All current sports events in one place

All the data relating to the world of sports and its participants are collected and structured in one place – on the company’s platform Here you can find:

  1. Schedule of the upcoming confrontations – each tournament has its own schedule, which can be monitored online. There is a possibility to set up special alerts. To do this, you need to click on the icon in the form of a bell near the desired match.
  2. Statistics – it includes information about each past match. It’s easy to get the information you need – click on Results and see the course of the current game, how many substitutions were made, which players were injured, and more.
  3. Predictions for sports meetings – regular updates of the outcomes and current data enable our professional analysts to make truthful predictions. Study the odds table and make winning bets on the most current games of the season.

Registered users have the opportunity to chat and share their experiences and “tricks” with new members, as well as get a lot of new and useful information from more experienced bettors.

What are sports predictions for?

Scores24 offers its users a list of the best bookmakers. Dealing with them can help users make the most profitable bets on sporting events.

The services of these bookmakers are used by most sports betting enthusiasts. About 60% of bettors have no idea how to bet correctly and what points should be taken into account when making statistics and odds.

As statistical studies have shown, the players mostly bet and count on the usual randomness or luck. However, the only competent solution in this situation is accurate and high-quality sports predictions. The desired result can be achieved only if they are studied in detail.

The predictions that are regularly provided to customers on have brought good profits to thousands of users. What makes them successful? What to pay attention to and how to make successful bets regularly?

It’s very simple:

  1. It is necessary to understand the rules of the game and constantly update your knowledge of the discipline.
  2. It is recommended to regularly read the predictions published on the portal.
  3. Study and analyze the reports of the analysts; it will increase the chances of winning.

Bets should be placed with minimal risks, so it is necessary to set your financial limit.

Free predictions on

Free predictions on sports games have recently become popular among users. It is soccer that mainly brings profit – the data is confirmed by the analysts of Scores24.

It is important to note that all the information is publicly available to all visitors. The platform does not require any downpayment; all the data is provided absolutely free of charge. Visiting the portal, every user can find:

  • predictions for sports confrontations today, tomorrow, and upcoming days;
  • exact dates and times of games;
  • information about athletes’ lives;
  • game data for the last few years;
  • rating of popular bookmakers that are safe to deal with.

Sports predictions are published no later than 24 hours before the game. This time interval is optimal for giving the users the chance to study the information presented. In addition to sports predictions, schedules, and statistics, the company helps users get into game mode and make winning bets.

For this purpose, the users need to:

  • make their own guesses about what score the match might end with;
  • determine the odds for upcoming games;
  • set personal budget and avoid exceeding the set amount.

The Announcements menu section enables users to make their calculations of the possible winnings. For this purpose, the users will need to fill in a special table with the required data relating to a particular match.

Why choose Scores24

Each registered user receives favorable conditions of mutual cooperation:

  1. Regular provision of up-to-date data on various sports.
  2. Timely updates of match results, schedules, and statistics.
  3. Free access to predictions and schedules.
  4. Up-to-date information which is carefully checked by company’s specialists.
  5. Predictions are made from a neutral standpoint, that is the expert does not take into account personal preferences and personal emotional state.

For comfortable use, the resource is available to users in the mobile version. By setting up the necessary options, bettors will regularly receive notifications concerning their favorite players and teams. This is very convenient, especially for those who are used to watching the game online.

Professional analysts constantly share their assumptions – handicaps, totals, wins. Each client can independently find the outcome of events in the listings among the wide variety of possible odds.

Providing its users with free predictions, the Scores24 portal increases the chances of winning for each bettor.


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