Kids vs adults paint by numbers: What is the difference


To create art is something which can be done by people of all ages, and the skill level will not matter which custom paint by number.  The adults who happen to have enjoyed the painting system  in the past might want to ensure that their kids are also involved. So does it mean that there is a difference between kits which are made for adults and the ones for the kids?

The short answer to the question is no because both come with some sort of difficulty, the kits for children come with fewer color and number choices. With that, it allows the child to start on a simple level and build slowly confidence to a picture that is more challenging.

The other main difference is the picture content, with the paint by numbers for children being aimed at topics which are child friendly. There are characters from their cute animals, Disney movies, and the images which are brightly colored which are more appealing to the younger eye. Adult paint by numbers are known to be quite detailed and could be a work of a famous artist which the child might find confusing.

The paint by numbers trend became a hit in the 1970s as a day to day way people create their own art. What was not realized was the methodical system which would also come with a large number of benefits. The benefits can be helpful for adults and children who are out looking to be able to fulfill their time with something that is quite valuable for their minds.

Interest in art

If you ever suspect that your child has a natural art liking, and then going for the paint by numbers might be the best place to start. The kits for children will give your child the joy of having to paint and when they see what they are able to do, they could want to keep it up.


There is several satisfactions to get when you finish the first picture with paint by numbers. Even though there are some paint by numbers which have a basic and methodical approach, it is still something you have done on your own. And it will give the child a confidence boost.

Builds up the cognitive function

There are studies which have shown that when you spend some time each day having to work on art, it is likely to boost you brain power while improving your memory. It is something which is quite valuable for children who happen to have problems with their concentration or look for pastime which does not feel like learning.

Is able to reduce stress

Teenagers and kids also get stressed just the way adults do. Taking some time off and placing your energy in something creative has been proven to be a great stress buster for all age groups.

Educational and enjoyable pastime

The paint by numbers for kids and teens is an alternative that is great to screen time. It is also a way which you can get them away from their computers and phones to do something which is still enjoyable yet educational.

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